30 years: #Beating for fashion

Atrezzo leads the visual merchandising industry, helping the most prestigious fashion brands in the world to highlight their products. Atrezzo is much more than mannequins. We design and produce busts, forms, torsos and a broad variety of props.

For Atrezzo, props are a key element to stand out products and create new visual universes. In order to make your creations brighter we care about every single detail of our props’ design. We work to achieve the excellence of our product.

Permanently inspired

All our efforts are put into understanding and interpreting our customers’ needs and combine them with the latest fashion trends. Our products are designed to achieve a distinctive look; that’s why we constantly create and seek for inspiration in all fields.

Great forms, unique materials & quality excellence

Forms are a key element of our design. The shape of each prop maximizes the uniqueness of the displayed product. We work with multiple models in order to stand out your creations.

Quality excellence is part of the Atrezzo’s DNA. Our props are made with a great variety of high-quality materials: metals, minerals, glass, woods, fabrics... This broad diversity allows us to create unique designs which contribute to our visual richness.

Everything is carried out 100% in-house in our production plant in Olot (Spain), in order to apply our control system to get a perfect finish.

30 years: #Beating for fashion
Since Atrezzo was set up 30 years ago, one purpose has driven everything we do: delivering the highest design and quality standards to the visual merchandising industry.

Every mannequin which leaves our factory is for us a perfect and unique work of art. We care for every detail until each one of our more than 200 collections is complete.

However, staying at the forefront of quality over so many years it's not only the result of the vision of Atrezzo's founders: the entire company is committed to this goal.

“For Atrezzo, every mannequin is a unique and perfect work of art”.

Full vertical integration process

Atrezzo’s business model involves full vertical integration, starting in our design centre and continuing in our factory with production, packaging and shipping.

This model delivers enormous flexibility in meeting our customers’ specific needs and is the key to controlling and safeguarding the highest quality of all our products.

Plus the vertical integration model also allows us to implement our sustainability strategy much more effectively.

“All our products are entirely made in Spain from start to finish”.

We are passionate about our customers’ satisfaction

Our aim has always been to revolutionise the visual merchandising industry by enhancing the value we deliver to our customers through innovation, design, quality and a personalized approach to each customer.

This mindset has enabled us to work over the years with the leading fashion brands and achieve a footprint in the world’s most renowned fashion cities and high streets.

Building long-term relationships is crucial to forge a mutually beneficial partnership. On average, more than 90% of our customers confirm loyalty to Atrezzo from one year to the next.

“We build long-term relationships with our customers”.

It seems it was yesterday when we dreamed of a brand that would revolutionize Visual Merchandising. We dreamed of creating timeless mannequins and visual tools that celebrates quality, craftsmanship and design.

We wanted a company that was genuine and ethical, able to establish strong roots with the local community. We wanted to sell our products to top global retailers worldwide, maintaining the totality of our production in Spain.
We were willing to have a strong commitment to the world of creativity in all its forms.

30 years later we are really proud to say that Atrezzo is what we wanted, what we dreamed of!

30 years: #Beating for fashion

30 years of success would not have been possible without strong values. Ethics is part of Atrezzo’s DNA and an essential element of its compliance model. Together with a set of policies and tools put in place by the Management, our compliance model goes beyond simply complying with existing regulatory requirements. At Atrezzo, we strive to foster a corporate culture in which ethics is deeply engrained across the company and promoted externally, to all its stakeholders.

30 years: #Beating for fashion

Our Code of Ethics establishes the ethical principles and commitments of the group and guides the actions of our employees, following principles such as professionalism, rigor, integrity, respect, honesty and trust. Our Code also addresses our policies and attitude towards corruption, conflicts of interest, impartiality and legality, and environmental protection. The Code is mandatory for every employee and is duly shared with all stakeholders, including suppliers, to ensure that all relevant activities linked with the organization meet the highest standards established internally at Atrezzo.

Besides the Code of Ethics, Atrezzo has drafted a separate Supplier Code of Conduct. This document clarifies basic norms of ethical conduct upon which collaboration with a supplier is conditional.

We also work to provide an attractive working environment to retain our talent.


Since its foundation, local production has been the pivot of Atrezzo’s business model. We wanted a company that was genuine and ethical, able to establish strong roots with the local community. 30 years later we achieved to sell our products to top global retailers worldwide, maintaining the totality of our production in Spain.

30 years: #Beating for fashion

Our business model is aimed at giving our clients security and confidence, without shifting our responsibilities onto other actors of the value chain. This helps us to provide key benefits, essential for our Company.


Finally, Atrezzo’ s made in Spain ensures respecting deadlines in dispatching orders and performing other related services (repairs, substitutions, returns, etc).

On top of that, we would like to highlight that in-house manufacturing allows us to achieve one of the objectives that we set for ourselves when Atrezzo was founded: to guarantee the quality of each piece that leaves our factory.

Our company culture is based on the perfection of our products, treated one by one as authentic works of art. And this is only possible with strict control of the entire production process.

Atrezzo's business model of total vertical integration allows high levels of flexibility and makes it possible to customize products based on specific customer demands.


When the end of the life cycle of a mannequin approaches, several questions are raised:

Can it be recycled? How? Can it be repaired? Can it be repainted?

Atrezzo offers clear answers to these questions with initiatives aimed at integrating the end–of–life of mannequins into our clients' sustainability policies.

30 years: #Beating for fashion

Recyclable materials

LSE Resin. LSE resin mannequin’s single parts can be easily replaced or recycled with new parts and their degree of recyclability is quite good (resin mannequins can be thermally shredded and recycled producing energy).

Polyurethane (PU). As in the previous case, the individual parts of a PU mannequin can be easily replaced or recycled with new parts and their degree of recyclability is quite good (they can also be shredded and thermally recycled producing energy)

Both for a LSE Resin mannequin and for a PU mannequin, these options represent a valid alternative to landfill.

Polystyrene (PS). As a thermoplastic polymer, PS can be recycled and even converted into a new mannequin. Our goal is to offer mannequins in recyclable PS, with at least 30% of recycled material, giving our customers a great option in terms of sustainability.

Second life

The high quality of our mannequins allows us to repair and repaint them many times and we encourage our clients to take the most of the repairing and maintenance services of our Restoration Studio in order to enjoy their mannequins during many more years.

We partner with our clients in giving a second life to used mannequins. That why, when the end of the life cycle of a mannequin approaches, we offer the possibility to return mannequins to Atrezzo: these mannequins can be reused or upcycled and some are even donated to not profit organizations for initiatives with the local community.