Commited to creativity

Atrezzo was founded in Barcelona in 1990 with the aim of designing, developing and manufacturing top quality visual merchandising products for the global fashion industry.

After many years providing our creations to the most remarkable brands, Atrezzo joined forces with NoaBrands to help building the biggest visual merchandising company in the world.

Our mannequins, completely designed and manufactured in Spain, mix centuries of artistic tradition with the most advanced techniques in order to provide the best quality, the most innovative materials and a bold design that highlights our clients creations.

In addition, Atrezzo stands out for its iron-bound commitment to the world of creativity in all its forms, which has led us to collaborate with contemporary artists from all fields.

Discover our showroom

Our Showroom in Barcelona is a space in constant evolution where the latest trends in interior design are mixed with our new mannequins collections. This year we have restyled it so our Showroom is even MORE.